Independent Petrographic Services Ltd was started by Ray Leadbitter in 1989.

Previously Ray worked in two University geology departments and two large geological consultancies generating 36 years experience in geological/mineral preparation. In addition, the other three technicians at IPS have 25 years’ experience between them.

We are an independent company manufacturing high quality petrographic thin sections for oil/mining companies and universities both in the UK and internationally.

Our laboratory is very well equipped and the staff have wide experience in all aspects of thin section preparation.

We specialise in clastic and carbonate thin sections of cores, core analysis plugs, drill cuttings and side wall cores. We also prepare sections of hard electrical ceramics and archaeological samples.

Our well-equipped laboratory utilises our three computer-controlled thin section machines. These machines use fast fixed diamond technology to grind/polish 28 thin sections in one operation. This system produces an accurate, clean finished thin section that is free of any grinding powder contamination. The problems of abrasive powder in sections, and in impregnated pore spaces attributed to standard thin section manufacture have been eliminated. The ability to programme the machine to remove material from the section in one micron increments avoids grain shatter and plucking.

100% recovery

No wedging or feathering.