• We manufacture standard petrographic, 30 micron thin sections for transmitted light microscopy. Sections can be fully or half stained for combined carbonate and/or K-feldspar, coverslipped or left uncovered.
  • We vacuum impregnate, or encapsulate, with dyed or clear resin to consolidate friable samples and to show porosity/permeability and show fractures. Fluorescent dye can be added to the resin.
  • Cold mounting for heat sensitive samples.
  • Standard polished thick or thin sections for use in SEM, Microprobe or Chemscan.
  • Fluid inclusion wafers, doubly polished, either free standing or adhered to coverslip substrate.
  • Large size sections and wafers.
  • Orientation mark on section if required.
  • Cleaning of oil stained samples using cool solvent extraction.
  • Washing and drying of drill cuttings.
  • All sections are prepared in oil to preserve water sensitive/soluble samples.
  • Any size of sample sectioned, from large out crop to a single grain.
  • All slides have a clearly printed label.
  • Hotshot service.
  • We have a technician with all relevant certificates to prepare sections offshore.
  • Equipment can also be provided.

We are always willing to
discuss client’s needs and
alternative techniques.

We use only the best
materials and reagents.

All clients’ remnant sample material
including impregnated offcut will be returned
with sections, packaged safely in slide
storage box.